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Business Procurement Specialists Affiliate Member

Increase business profits from 5-15%!


  • By negotiating on your behalf. No Discount No Pay Policy!
  • Volumizing your procurement with other client organizations.
  • Training your procurement personnel to the highest standard.

Supply Chain Identification and Negotiation

If your company’s product base or service contracts exceed $250,000, then why not engage Business Procurement Specialist (BPS) to analyse the integrity of your procurement. If our analysis determines that we can improve your current level of profit by supply chain identification and negotiation, we will then execute a “Supply Agreement” on your behalf.

Our fee of 25% is simply deducted from the profit margin achieved by the executed “Supply Agreement” and is a performance incentive. It is a simple, no discount no pay, policy!
Have a procurement team responsible for spending your organizations funds? Then why not engage BPS to train your team to ensure that they have the highest skillset ensuring your organizations funds are being used efficiently. If your team could save an additional 4-12% of your procurement how much would your organization's profits increase?