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QHSE Software Management System


Our quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) software will reduce the time and complexity associated with integrating and implementing AS/NZ 4801, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, within your organisation.

Our cloud based software management system (Mango) is simple, easy to use and meets the certifying requirements for AS/NZ 4801, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. No longer is there a need for an antiquated management system with an extensive paper trail and an exhaustive retention of documentation that is difficult to certify. Mango’s (Management on the Go) cloud based software streamlines any organisation’s processes and personnel to manage comprehensively Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Environmental responsibilities.


Mango is suitable for all businesses from small to large and in any industry needing to meet compliance or certification requirements. The cloud based system is not only easy to use but also easy to access. Mango’s cloud based software is tailored specifically to your organisation to ensure that processes are streamlined and that you are not burdened with unnecessary functionality. Compliance audits for AS/NZ 4801, ISO 9001; 2015 and ISO 14001; 2015 are easily attained because of Mango’s ability to display and report on compliance processes. Our integrated management software can be implemented across multiple locations and anywhere within New Zealand online.

Reduced process and personnel delivers increased profitability and productivity!

Designed by industry experts and experienced compliance auditors, Mango will ensure your organisation’s ongoing development and provide you with an advantage over your competitors. With over 100,000 users, Mango has a proven record when it comes to the ease and simplicity of compliance. Our cloud based management software is constantly updated to meet the ever changing compliance and certification regulations for AS/NZ 4801, ISO 9001; 2015, ISO 14001; 2015.

Seriously simple and easy to use, the software practically drives its self!





  • Risk Management - Seamlessly monitor and control risks: Customized to your organisation’s structure and requirements.
  • Accidents & Incidents - Accident and Incident investigations are easily completed in harmony with legislative requirements.
  • Plant & Equipment - Automated schedules and reminders for managing plant and equipment maintenance.
  • Audits & Inspections - A simple self-driving setup for the audit process from start to finish.
  • Improvements & Non-Conformances - Non-conformances, corrective actions and general improvements are automated.
  • Supplier Management - Manage HS, QA & Environmental compliance of key suppliers and contractors.
  • Document Management - Secure cloud based control of all your manuals, procedures and records with ease of access.
  • Event Management - Configured and automated control of both one-off and regular recurring events.
  • Human Resources - Online management of all employee’s qualifications, skills and training requirements.
  • Compliance Dashboard - Everyone has the information they require and see how simply the system drives itself.
  • Workflows - Customized workflows: Personnel are aware of processes that need to be actioned.


Our cloud based software ensures implementation within any location throughout New Zealand is quick, efficient and highly supported. Tailoring the system to your organisation’s specific requirements ensures you are not working with a complicated program that just confuses the users. Yes, our cloud based management system means that it simply drives itself from one process to the next with remarkable ease.


Mango can quickly become an integral part of your company’s or organisation’s process management for as little as $13 a day* on a monthly subscription with no locked in contracts. How much would your company or organisation benefit from an integrated management system that allows you to work more productively and reduces your personnel? *(Based on 25-50 employees)


Purchase a Mango system in the next 3 months and receive free of charge our Integrated Management System and templates valued at over $1000. 

Over 500 companies are already benefiting from Mango’s integrated compliance software that conforms to AS/NZ 4801, ISO 9001; 2015 and ISO 14001; 2015. Why not invest the time and enjoy the improved efficiency and profitability that Mango’s cloud based management system can provide for your organisation?